Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy Friday

This week was such a busy one for me that I’ve barely had time to notice what’s going on around my cabin doors. This morning, I finally had a chance to draw a deep breath and look around. That’s when I saw the sun rise this morning. Finally, something that stopped me in my busy tracks.

The shaft of light below the sun is a bit of a lower sun pillar. Sun pillars can be either above or below the sun, sometimes both. Usually, lower sun pillars are less common. A sunrise or sunset that’s partially shrouded by clouds, as is this one, is when you see sun pillars. They are caused by light reflected from ice or fog crystals. You can sometimes see them with the moon, too, and even with street lights under certain conditions.

The coldest weather of the season so far is now moving in across my mountain. I am finally as ready as I am going to be for winter. I was a bit lulled into thinking I had more time by the milder falls of the past few years. This year the weather is more typical again, which means I don’t have until early December before winter throws its first punch. This week I was racing to finish all my outdoor cabin work and projects ahead of the weather. I promise not to let things slide so late in the year again. Now I am finally done. Let the winter begin!


Lynne said...

I've seen pillars around the moon but not the sun before. That's really beautiful.
I hope you can relax this weekend- stay warm!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful sunrise picture, Carolyn.. We got some great sunrise/sunset/sky pictures while in Arkansas this week--which I will share.

How is life at Roundtop???