Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Leaves of change

Autumn leaves around my cabin come in all colors, though yellow is the most predominant. This year, there’s a healthy dose of orange in there too. Red remains the least common of the colors I see. Since Sunday, when I took this photo, the colors are already fading. Oh, the brilliance of autumn lasts too short a time.

Overnight, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep after staying up too late to watch election returns, a little sprinkle dampened the woods, and the leaves started to fall, more with each drop of rain. Sometimes it didn’t even take a drizzle or a breeze. They just dropped, waflting past my bedroom window, slowly falling to the ground. It was simply their time to go. In another few days, a week at the most, they will all be gone.

I love winter and look forward to it each year with all my heart, but I will miss the brilliant colors of autumn and wish they would stay just a little longer.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I agree Carolyn.... Fall is entirely too short. Our leaves are falling like crazy now too. We raked and blew leaves yesterday and can't even tell it today! Oh Well!!!! Rain and a cold front is due here on Friday--so that will mean the end of our beauty for sure!!!

pablo said...

I wish they'd stick around a bit longer too. Well, my oaks keep most of their leaves all winter, but they aren't colorful any longer. I guess the brevity of the season makes me appreciate it even more.