Friday, November 14, 2008


Today's photo is one I took only a litte more than a week ago. Today, the same view is barren of leaves, with just a few brown stragglers hanging on. To me, it feels as though the forest takes forever for its color change to progress past the first few leaves. Then the blaze of color that is so breathtaking is gone within a day or two. Blink and you miss it. Even if you don't blink, it's gone quickly.

Some of these same leaves, no doubt, now fill my rain gutters and cover both decks. Leaves also find their way into the cabin, hiding under the kitchen table or sometimes right out there in the middle of the living room. Every time I open the door, one or two of them trails in behind me and the dogs, like stray puppies who are determined to adopt you as their family. The leaves are everywhere and get into everything--just like puppies. The other day I found one atop my bed, and I'm still trying to figure that one out. Maybe I can blame it on the cats.

Should I have a dry winter, the leaf problem will remain with me throughout. Rain weighs them down, but as soon as the surroundings dry again, the leaves are skittering back into the cabin. Snow is the best thing to stop their constant parade. Once covered by snow, they become earthbound, usually for good.

By spring, after three months under a snowy blanket, the composting process is well underway, turning last year's leaves into good soil to sustain the forest and foster new growth. The cycle will then start all over again. For now, I just need to clean the rain gutters.


Dana and Daisy said...

I am sure our cabin is covered up by them too.
I remember last year being overwhelmed by what to do about them and you said just let them be.

I like the naked branches in winter though! YOu can see so much further and I kind of like the sea of grey.

Soon, you will be covered in snow! Us, not so much.

Carolyn H said...

Dana: i like the naked branches of winter too. I can see for miles. I don't do much with the leaves--I push or sweep them off the decks and stairs so I don't trip and fall but that's about it. I don't attempt to bag them up or remove them or blow them away.

Carolyn H.

Cathy said...

Lol you found a leaf on your bed. I would blame your dogs on that one.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Carolyn, I 'tried' to blow leaves today in our side yard... Since we had had rain this week, it became VERY hard to do... I don't think I'll try that again!!!! We'll just have to wait and get those leaves up when they are DRY.... (Maybe I just found a good excuse for staying inside!!! ha)

pablo said...

Same in my forest. Two weeks ago the place was a riot of colors. Today, drab gray. All the leaves on the ground make finding round rocks hard. said...

Autumn is gone in a hurry, I wish the leaves can stay on the trees much longer. I cringe when I hear a strong wind because I know the end is coming much faster!

phylliso said...

I`m glad to know I`m not the only person with leaves in the house,everywhere.phylliso

nina said...

That's beautiful, Carolyn.

The way the colors are interspersed, golds peeking between auburn, so nice.
Thank goodness for photographs to keep this beauty alive, even after it has fallen.

KGMom said...

Oh what a lovely view of the rolling Alleghenies.
You are blessed to live in the midst of such beauty. Even though I am in the general area of where you live, I have a far more suburban view!

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: Dog and Baby Dog don't sleep on my bed--the cats do. That's why I suspect the cats.

letspaintnature: The wind on Sunday brought all the leaves down here.

Pablo: So far this weekend I've lost 2 dog balls and a bag of potting soil that I didn't bring in before the leaves fell. They're out there somewhere.

Phylliso: Now I'm finding leaves in the kitchen, leaves under the sofa and one in the bathroom. They are sneaky little devils.

Nina and kgmom: It's been a good fall here, after a few years without much color. I'm so glad I have photos to look at after the leaves are down!

Carolyn H.