Thursday, September 07, 2006

Harvest Moon (...and other round things)

Tonight’s full moon is the Harvest Moon. Sometimes Harvest Moon is in September, sometimes in October. It’s always the full moon that falls closest to the equinox and this year that means it’s September’s full moon. I’d almost forgotten about it. It’s been so gray and overcast here for nearly 2 weeks that I haven’t seen the moon once since the first quarter a week ago.

Last night, well after dark, I was walking Baby Dog and when I came out of the forest, I was nearly blinded by the rising moon. A full moon is a fast way to lose the night vision I gained when I was walking in the woods. But with the sky clear and the moon so close to full that I couldn’t tell the difference, I didn’t really need it.

I found this mushroom near one of the old snow-making ponds when I was walking the dogs last evening. It’s a nice one, though can’t compare to the monster ‘shrums I saw in the rainforests of southeast Alaska. Those were nearly knee high, with caps the size of dinner plates. But this one is still pretty (though deadly).


Cathy said...

Oh your mushroon isn't that bad. It's bigger than mine. With all the past rain. I'm finding all kinds of mushrooms. (Too bad they are mostly non eatable. Would make a great omlette.) I got some growing on a log in the backyard. If the deer or some other don't eat it. I'll get some pictures of them.

ChicagoLady said...

The harvest moon was beautiful last night, I saw it before it got real high in the sky.