Thursday, October 27, 2005

Evening Activities

Baby Dog went to the vet for the first time last evening, yapping the entire way. She weighs 13 lbs at 8 weeks of age, so I expect she will be a Big Girl, or perhaps even a moose.

When we got back, my headlights caught multiple feral cat eyes congregated in one place, so I went over to investigate. One of them had caught, or at least claimed, a gray squirrel and was eating it in the driveway, surrounded by the rest of the tribe who were no doubt plotting how they could get their paws on it. I’m surprised a feral cat could catch a healthy squirrel as they are both faster and more agile than cats. So perhaps this squirrel wasn’t healthy. It certainly wasn’t faster.

I heard one of the screech owls last night, its haunting call rising up from the valley below. The screech owls call from all over my side of the mountain. Sometimes they are in my driveway, sometimes so far away I can barely hear them.

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