Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dog and Baby Dog

I've gotten a new puppy, a rescue from Hurricane Katrina. I picked Baby Dog up on Saturday. She is just a little over 8 weeks old. Her feet are the size of chocolate-chip cookies. She's black, with a chocolate color on the sides of her belly. She's purported to be Belgian shepherd and Something Else. At least one of the something else's must be chow since the center of her tongue is black.

The only thing I'm sure of is that she's going to be Very Large, and she yaps a lot--more than Dog ever did. She might also be long-haired or perhaps medium-length haired, as she is a very fuzzy little bear cub of a girl.

You want pictures?? Listen, I've tried to take pictures. I have butt pictures, back of head pictures, blurred pictures, etc, but no clear picture of this perpetual motion machine. As soon as I get a decent shot, I'll post it.

Dog is being an angel about the whole thing. So far.

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