Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Have a foggy, foggy Christmas

 Wait!  That’s not how the song goes.
And this is not how Christmas is supposed to look, either.  But here it is.  Foggy and warm enough to sit out on the porch, if you don’t mind a little drizzle. 
Foxtail with raindrops, like a miniature Christmas tree with bulbs
I’m already tired of El Nino, which shows no sign of let-up or allowing winter to return to normal.  I want cold and snow, though it’s hard to argue about the lack of a heating bill.  Still, this is not the kind of weather that makes me want to put a warm, winter stew over the fire.  It’s not even good hot chocolate weather.
What it is, is about as foggy as it can possibly be.  These photos were taken shortly before noon today, not at dawn or dusk or even first thing in the morning when fog is usually thickest.  No, this is noontime fog.  It’s the kind of fog that makes me glad I don’t have 100 miles of driving ahead of me today.  A quick trip down the mountain and into town at 35 mph is about as exciting as I want it to be.  And 35 mph is about the only safe speed today, which makes me glad I’m not on an interstate somewhere.

Fog for Christmas is a new thing for me, I think.  At least I don’t remember any other year with fog, let alone fog like this.  So now I am back in my cabin, where I plan to stay for the rest of the day, cooking up the last batch of Christmas cookies and hoping that Christmas day will bring something other than more fog. 
I hope all of you and yours have a very, Merry Christmas and a great holiday!


SHG said...

And may you have a wonderful Christmas and a terrific new year.

Scott said...

Carolyn: The low heating bill and the ability to walk around in shirtsleeves in late December trumps any desire for more normal holiday weather for me. I'd be ecstatic if we had no snow or temperatures below freezing through the end of the winter. (Sorry; I know I don't sound like a naturalist here.) Nice images.

Sabine said...

Happy xmas, fog or no fog and looking forward to more stunning images from your distant part of the world in the new year.

Here, we are looking with incredulity at flowering daffodils, nesting blackbirds and we harvested another bowl of raspberries - on Xmas eve when normally, we would have frost and maybe snow, but definitely not spring! Last week, a climate scientist told me that El Nino is responsible for only 30% of this.