Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Embracing the dreariness

I am enjoying a dreary November day.  It is a bit foggy and overcast, so the day is dark.  The air is still and the trees are bare.  It’s chilly.  I had a fire in the fireplace this morning and may need one again before long.  For now, I am wrapped comfortably in a wool sweater, my hands warmed by a cup of hot chocolate.  This is how November should be.  At least it’s what I think of when I think of November. 

Novembers should be chilly and raw, not sunny and bright like an October afternoon.  So in an odd way, the dreariness makes me happy. Today feels like a normal November day, dreariness and all.

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Scott said...

Kali's birthday is November 28, and she always associates her birthday (and all of November, for that matter) with dreariness. I don't mind dreary occasionally; in fact, I relish it. We lived in Florida for 7 years, and the weather there is monotonous. Nice image, but I wouldn't call it dreary.