Thursday, May 07, 2015

What a difference 3 days makes!

Sunday evening view
What a difference three days makes!  I took the first photo Sunday evening, when I could see my winter view was beginning to disappear, but even I didn’t think it would go this fast.  I probably should have taken a photo on Sunday morning, as the view was still largely unobstructed then, and the difference from morning to evening was striking.

Even so, I didn’t expect my view to disappear entirely in just three days, but it has.  It will be November before I see the neighboring mountain again.

In other news, I have a blue jay nesting in the first trunk split of my favorite beech tree.  The tree is right at the edge of my driveway.  The jay was very cunning about where she places her nest. I can see the twigs on the back side of the nest, but the front of it is hidden by the thickness of the trunk. Only one side of the nest is open to her or vulnerable to attack from neighboring squirrels.  It’s also probably less likely that her babies will fall from the nest, as three sides are blocked by the tree.  Smart mama!

I will take some photos of the nest so you can see it.  Don’t expect to see mama inside that nest.  I only see her when she’s scolding a squirrel or entering the nest.  She’s invisible when she’s in the nest.
Wednesday evening view, same spot, a little closer than Sunday's view

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