Thursday, December 11, 2014

Photo-bombed by whitetail!

This morning I was photo-bombed by a deer.
 Overnight I had a bit of snow, still from that nor’easter than brought the ice storm. Snow, of course, makes for good photos even if poor light, so I was taking a few photos. Then just as I was snapping this one, a deer bolted past. I didn’t know it was there and the photo/deer combo was a total chance.
As I wasn’t planning to take photos of deer, I didn’t have an appropriate lens with me, so my photo-bomber is pretty small, but she is right in the very center of the photo, galloping across the field.

Here’s a cropped version, blown up and blurry, of the deer. That’s the first time I’ve ever had this happen!


Sharkbytes said...

very cool- nice action shot

Pablo said...

Bigfoot! Get a picture of Bigfoot!