Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Dreaming of fall on a summer's day

Southeast and warm winds really put a halt to fall bird migration over the long holiday weekend. At least that was the result at Roundtop; I haven’t checked other areas. So instead I did some outside chores around the cabin, notably cleaning out and moving the chicken pen. It should be okay in its current spot until it’s time to move the pen next to the cabin—the girls’ winter quarters.
For now, summer is still here, though I like to think it’s the season’s last, longest stretch before cooler temperatures appear. Sometimes seasons, like people, hold on tightest just before they let go. So, a week of practically the hottest temperatures of the summer is not unexpected before the season turns.
As I find fall often the "best" season of the year, it can’t come too soon for me. It’s the season when the air conditioner is removed from the window and when the sweatshirts return to my closet. The nights are chilly and need a comfy quilt. Best of all, the leaves turn color and soon fall, leaving me with a nice view out the back of the cabin again for the first time in six months. But that’s still a ways away. For now, I’ll settle for the low humidity of fall and daily temperatures that don’t top 80. It won’t be long now.

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Scott said...

Let's hope it wont' be too long now; the holiday weekend was pretty uncomfortable, as you indicated.