Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sparrow's big adventure

My puppy Sparrow had a big surprise last evening. Actually, it was a surprise for me, too. We were taking a walk at dusk and were on our way back, just a short way from the cabin on the lane up the mountain. I had her on the long lead, and she was ahead of me, goofing around and sniffing stones and twigs the way she usually does.
Suddenly, just ahead of her, three deer dashed across the lane. She stood still, ears up, watching them go but made no move to chase them or bark at them. The deer were very close, even for me several steps behind her. She looked after them, already disappeared into the dense undergrowth of the forest. 
So we started to move again. We moved ahead about 3 steps when a fourth deer charged across the lane, now even closer to us than the first three. Her reaction was the same. Perhaps she was just as surprised as I was, too surprised to do more than watch them. These were the first deer she’d ever seen. Several times before I tried to get her to look at deer that I saw but they were always too far away to interest her.

After the fourth one, no more deer passed. I moved forward and counted my steps from where I was to the deer tracks in the dirt road. I counted just 14 steps, which put Sparrow about 10 steps from them. I wonder what she’ll do the next time she sees deer?


Scott said...

Sparrow is gorgeous. What a sweetheart!

Maybe the deer are too big for her, and she realizes it.

In other news, I had a hen turkey come up to my back door last evening accompanied by three half-mature (i.e., "teenaged") poults looking for a handout (which they received). I was afraid that all of our next-generation turkeys had been picked off by predators this year, but it appears at least a few survived.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: I wondered too if Sparrow simply realized the deer were totally out of her league..

How cool about the turkeys coming in for a treat. I have them here regularly, but never at my feeders, unfortunately.