Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Almost winter

Snowmaking on Roundtop
Winter is almost here.  Roundtop is making snow and will soon open.  I’ve already had the first ice storm of the year, a dusting of snow, gusty winds and now a cold, raw rain. See what happens when I go away for a few days?  Season-changing weather and multiple types of precipitation.

Around my cabin, I’m still getting used to the idea that I should dig out my Yak-trax to traverse the front deck and steps.  I’m not ready for that. I’m just not ready.  And it’s not just that, either.  Suddenly, the birds appear at my feeders in droves, or at least almost-droves.  They are emptying the feeders daily instead of weekly now. Autumn’s slow emptying of the feeders is over with, and I’ll have to add winter’s daily filling to my daily morning chores again.

The chickens are on their winter egg break with a vengeance.  Unlike other years, when I would get a few eggs during this time, production has shut down entirely.  Usually, I get enough eggs during the break to keep myself in eggs, if not to sell, but this year I’m down to my last few of them.
he deer are already chomping on my juniper bush.  Not a single fawn remains in spots, and their coats are that winter-brown again.  The good news is that I haven’t seen the raccoons for a while. I think it is too early for them to be hibernating, but they are apparently staying closer to the den, and for now that is good enough for me.


Scott said...

Wonderful, dramatic image, Carolyn! Have a good Thanksgiving.

Sharkbytes said...

That is a really beautiful picture! Sounds like you and the beasts are hunkering down.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: I hope your holiday was a good one, too!

Carolyn H said...

Sharkbytes: Thanks. I really liked how the clouds and the blowing snow kind of melded together. i don't see that all the time.