Monday, June 17, 2013

Spring passes, summer nears

Since big storms blew through last Thursday and cancelled my camp session, the weather has been gorgeous. Low humidity, big puffy cumulus clouds, a slight and welcome breeze—I couldn’t ask for more pleasant weather. And the good news is that the weather is supposed to continue this week, especially on Thursday when I shouldn’t have a weather problem to dampen camp.

I haven’t been down to the little stream for a few weeks. I did travel down sometime in April. At that point the weather was drier than is typical. Since then it’s been rainier than is normal, which will mean wet and muddy walking and a muddy stream. I don’t mind getting muddy myself, and I sure don’t mind getting the kids muddy, but if the stream is too muddy, the kids won’t be able to see crayfish or the other stream denizens. So I hope the mud in the stream will be mostly clear by then.

I’ve been rereading H.D. Thoreau’s journals, my favorite of his writings. This time I’m reading a journal entry per day, matching his days with the same day here on Roundtop. Today, he’s complaining about haze and humidity at his place and notes that “The season of hope and promise is past.” Even further north, where he lived, spring has passed and is replaced with summer. In spring, all things seem possible again. In summer reality sets in or at least returns after a time of spring ebullience. That’s how it seems to me right now.

The projects that suddenly seemed do-able again after winter don’t get done on their own. In my case, most of them are still awaiting some effort on my part. I always run out of time or energy, and another weekend goes by with little improvement. Such is life, I guess. Even on the longest days of the year, there isn’t enough time to get everything done I’d like to get done. Chores and errands still need done. My day’s worth of energy only lasts so long. Time is a vicious mistress and waits for no one.


Terry and Linda said...

Thank you so much for finding my blog! I now have yours!!!


The Furry Gnome said...

Just found your blog, and I'm really enjoying it. A nice combination of interesting pictures and thoughtful writing. It makes me think maybe I should write some more in my own blog.