Wednesday, April 17, 2013


On last evening’s walk I ambled over to the new pond at Roundtop, using the high bank as a vantage point to scan the western horizon for late migrating raptors. So I was suddenly startled by the sound of a goose immediately behind me, spooking almost from under my feet and into the pond. When I turned around and looked, I found out why. She was on a nest of 6 or 7 eggs, located at the edge of the walkway to the pond’s stand pipe. No doubt she was hoping I would not notice her (and I didn’t), but eventually I got too close for her and she bolted. She didn’t go far, though, as you can see her floating worriedly in the background. I snapped one quick photo and went on my way.


Jesh St Germain said...

Catching up with your blog:) The bloodroot and other tiny wildflowers are so beautiful. I can see you're outside on a regular basis. Nice nest with eggs, and such a clear pic:):)

Cathy said...

I'm surprise she didn't go after you. I heard that happening before.