Friday, December 28, 2012

New dawns

The winding lane ahead
It has suddenly occurred to me that 2012 is almost over. The years slip by so quickly now; it’s like a boulder rolling downhill and picking up speed all the way. And by my own kind of reckoning, the newest year has even already begun, as I have come to believe that the winter solstice is really the dawn of a new year and January 1 is nothing more than a date.

So much is yet undone and the time left to do it in grows shorter with every sunrise and following sunset. Over the years, I have always avoided new year’s resolutions. Lately, though, I’ve come to think they have some value in focusing the attention when time is short. It’s sort of like a to-do list. You could probably eventually accomplish everything you need to do without one, but the list is a good reminder.

So in this new year, whether you consider it already begun or just about to begin, I offer this as my resolution: I resolve to go slower, to brush off the crush of time and the dictatorship of what’s not yet accomplished and simply enjoy the passage of a day more. No more the rush to put as much activity in to the space of a few minutes as I can. Instead, I will fill the time with stillness and slowness and more awareness of nature’s ways. I want to enjoy the time before me, to watch it pass and see as many of its subtleties as I can.

Maybe this time I’ll get it right.


Jeannette StG said...

Agreed on both accounts: Jan. 1 is just a date on the calender. And yes, one of the promises I made to myself is to enjoy things more in 2013! Happy New Year to you, Carolyn!
(Once in a while am still at my Mysteries blog, but mostly at Artistigue or my ArtnotesfromJesh. blogspot blog)

Scott said...

Carolyn: I LOVE to bicycle; it's one of my favorite activities. With each passing year, I seem to bicycle less and less. So, last New Year's I casually resolved to bicycle more during 2012, to let the stuff I "had" to get done take a back seat to some "me" time. Guess what? I think that I bicycled four times during the entire last year. One of my employees even said to me one beautiful autumn afternoon, "Aren't you going to take a few 'comp' hours and go bicycling today?" It's pretty sad.