Friday, December 02, 2011

A frosty morning

The temperature dropped low enough for a decent frost last night, as you can see from today’s photos. November was unseasonably warm and frosts this season have been few and far between. Usually by this point in the year I’ve lost count of the number of frosts I’ve had.

The warmer weather has lulled me into poor thinking. In a normal year, the temperature slowly but steadily declines, week by week, after the fall equinox. Each little drop in temperature is a signal to me that winter is coming, and certain household projects should be accomplished in preparation. With the weather staying warmer than usual, it was easy to put off some of those jobs for (yet) another week. And now, suddenly, it is December.

The temperature is now just a bit warmer than is normal for here, which still feels a bit like a rude awakening. I’m rather far behind my winter readiness schedule, and I have no one to blame for my own procrastination. What is likely to happen—and likely to happen very shortly—is that winter will arrive with a bang. In other words, if I don’t get moving and quickly, I’m going to find myself hip-deep in snow, with the chickens still in their late fall quarters and stuff outside that should be inside.

So this weekend, I am resolved to ignore the warmer temperatures and get to it. No wandering around the woods this weekend, no hours of birdwatching or looking for things to photograph, just a weekend of work around the cabin (and with a few minutes of birdwatching and photographing, I hope). Just because the cold and snow is arriving late this year doesn’t mean it will wait for me.


Scott said...

First image (especially) is really nice, Carolyn. We had a "real" frost here in the Piedmont this morning, too. I think it was only our second this season.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

First real frost in this part of England too. Nothing pretty as your photos, just a lot of folks scraping windscreens at six o'clock!

Cathy said...

It look like a winter wonderland this morning with all the heavy frost up here. I just a need a inch of snow to really get into the holiday mood.

jeannette said...

Your frost is pretty! The first frost is always kind of a wake up call, isn't it?