Thursday, July 21, 2011

The summer's snowflake

Oh, how I wish that summer's snowflake
Was as icy and cold as January.
That I could run my fingers over the tiny blossoms
And feel bursts of winter
in the middle of a heat wave.


Woodswalker said...

Nice thought! And a beautiful photo.

Cathy said...

Simple brilliant! It is too hot! Need a good crackling thunderstorm to break it.

However, I can feel autumn knocking already. School supplies are starting to come out. Boss and I were discussing what we were going do in the kid's room for fall and winter. Like a huge snow globe for one the walls.

Pablo said...


Carolyn H said...

All: Yikes! it set a record at 103 in Harrisburg yesterday, and even my cabin wasn't much cooler. This morning is better, at least so far. There's a breeze! And the forecast has dropped from 98 to 95, so even that little bit makes me happy!