Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nearly a wordless Wednesday

A wood thrush called last evening, the first to arrive.
This morning several more joined the chorus.
What is it about the song of a wood thrush,
that sounds so impossibly lovely?

I think it's how the sound echoes through the forest,
a bit like an echo, a call to spring.

The song wraps around the trees
like a present, or a cat winding between my ankles.
"I'm here, let the spring begin."

While I'm waiting for the woods to dry out enough to get down into them, I thought I'd post a few photos from the neighbor's orchard, which is just starting to bloom.  In this photo, notice that Roundtop is just peeking up behind the hill, still with a few very small patches of snow near the top.
 I can't resist a dirt road, or lane or path.

Occasionally, the sun comes out.


am said...


Scott said...

I got "my" first Wood Thrush on Sunday here in the Piedmont, and remarked on it to my wife (who appreciates the song very much but just can't seem to pick up on it without my pointing it out). I couldn't agree with you more about the song's effect; beautifully written.

Carolyn H said...

Scott and am: thanks! I'm going to need a little beauty after this morning's storms!