Friday, January 07, 2011


All it took was half an inch of new snow to transform the brown landscape of Roundtop Mtn. I might even be overly generous when I describe it as half an inch. It sure didn’t take much snow to give the place an entirely different look.  The trees were all wearing their Swan Lake tutus this morning, with snow swirling around the bases of them.  The lane up to the cabin is a ribbon of white.  Even in the pre-dawn darkness, I could have driven it without headlights to guide me.

This morning the snow surprised Dog and Baby Dog. Baby Dog exploded out of the door, and her feet went in all directions. She was that excited. Dog, who is now an elder statesman at almost 10, was somewhat more dignified—until his feet touched the ground. Then all he wanted to do was run like a puppy with his nose to the ground.

The chickens were not as amused, giving me that “I don’t know about this” sound they have when they are suspicious of something but can’t really put a finger or a toe on just why.

My feeder birds arrived very early this morning. I’m not sure I could truthfully call it dawn when the juncos appeared and waited on the back deck for me to fill the feeders. It was still so dark I could barely see the juncos, but they were already there and waiting.

I guess I can say that snow transforms more than just the landscape. The animals’ behavior was transformed, too.


Granny Sue said...

Same here, although it may well be deeper by the time I get home from work. I like the way it dresses things up, even if it's only a little sprinkle of white.

Darcy said...

We got snow both yesterday and today and my pup acted just as yours did, springing and dashing about the yard! I just recently found your blog and enjoy reading it.