Thursday, November 25, 2010

November clouds and sunrise

Good Thanksgiving morning!

My photo on this holiday morning was not taken this morning. It's still too dark on this rainy, drizzly, sleety, snowy morning to take one.  My Thanksgiving dinner won't happen until later today, but the deer have already gotten a salt lick, the birds are feeding happily as I type, and the squirrels have gotten corn, though they seem to prefer the suet that I'd put out for the feeder birds.  The fireplace is warming the cabin, and for a few hours, I don't need to do anything but drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the morning.  My wish for you today is to find a few quiet hours before the get-togethers and the dinner and the family time to enjoy the natural world around your door.


Scott said...

Beautiful image, Carolyn. I've fed the horde (ok, the rafter) of Wild Turkeys (and the birds and squirrels), and am enjoying a cup of coffee and the comics.

No rain (or sleet or snow) here on the Piedmont yet, and the forecasters have now expunged the frozen stuff--just showers for today and tomorrow.

Have a great holiday!

Cicero Sings said...

Beautiful sky.

It was snowing hard first of this morning. When it stopped I got ourselves shoveled out, then we went for a walk. Mingus needed to work out some of his pent up energy and ran around like a fool dog yapping his head off in the snow. He and his half sister sure love the snow! Anyway, I'm pooped and am just up from a wee nap. No festivities here -- I've ground lamb thawed - hopefully I'll find a way to turn it into something tasty.

I hope you enjoyed you thanksgiving day and meal. Glad the critters had rheir fill. Mostly nuthatches to me feeders of late.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: I hope you had a good holiday! It's been a busy day. Fortunately, the sleet and freezing rain didn't last very long.

Carolyn H.

Carolyn H said...

Cicero: Holiday events are over now. I have momentary snow, followed by several minutes of sleet, followed by a bit of freezing rain and then rain. That seems to be over now.

Carolyn H.

vijay said...


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