Friday, December 04, 2009

Open water

Snow. It might, here, this weekend. It’s in the forecast, though I can’t say that I yet feel it in the air or see it in the sky. Maybe this afternoon. For now, even a hint of snow--and on a Friday to boot!—is the kind of good news that doesn’t come along every day.

My photo today is of open water. With snow in the forecast, this is a sight I can’t expect to see for too much longer. True, this water is moving at a decent clip, which will keep it open longer than in places where the water is still. Even so, the time of freezing fast approaches. Will this be a year when the ponds stay frozen into late March or April? Will this be a year of many freezes and thaws? None of us can say. The future is a mystery even deeper than the forest. I know winter lies ahead, but not what winter will bring. Those secrets are held close.

So today I will celebrate the open water, knowing the time for it is short. The time of its return is unknown, so I have to be content only with the knowledge that it will, one of these days, return.


The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

I absolutely love this wonderful post! Reflective, insightful, profound.

None of know what a season, or a day…or the next moment will bring, figuratively or literally. There are mysteries, secrets, things which only time's fullness will reveal. Winter is coming; for you, in your snug mountaintop cabin, snow might be coming tonight. The brook might freeze. Time and season and weather will have their say—and our only certainty is that things will change.

Weather, open water, life. I hope you get some snow. Again, great post.

Pablo said...

We barely broke out of the teens here today. I wonder what my lake looks like right now. Snow maybe next week.

Cathy said...

Well I could feel it up here. Took a walk this afternoon, the wind had a bit of a snow feel to it. might get 3-6 of teh white stuff!

Carolyn H said...

Griz: Thank you! The snow has started--so far it's only in the air and not on the ground.

Carolyn H

Carolyn H said...

Pablo: My goodness the teens sound low for this time of year down your way. I haven't had that here yet.

Carolyn H

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I could start to sense that snow was in the air last evening. The air had that bite to it. This morning I do have snow but it isn't sticking yet. Forecast says 1-3 by tonight. The chickens don't mind it so far. We'll see how that goes tomorrow.

Carolyn H.

squirrel said...

Did you get your snow. We received 4 inches and I spent the day just watching it come down. Beautiful stuff, it is the kind that sticks on everything.

I enjoyed the thoughts in this blog. Thanks.

Carolyn H said...

Squirrel: Yep, got the snow! I had about 4 inches too. About half of that is gone already.

Carolyn H.