Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even snapping turtles are muddy

It’s snapping turtle time! Again. Last evening I found this one blocking the path of my car as I headed back up to the cabin. It’s possible it’s the same one I saw last June. This one seemed a bit bigger but not that much. It was certainly as nasty as its reputation, though eventually I could at least drive by.

After I took the photo, I went back to the blog archives to see when I last did a post on snapping turtles. It was June 9 and June 4 and in roughly the same area. This one is covered in mud, not surprising given the amount of rain that’s fallen here lately. Or perhaps it was simply digging to lay its eggs. In any event it was headed back towards the pond where I think it lives.

This morning, the woods is finally starting to dry out a bit, a welcome relief after days and weeks of rain and overcast skies. In May, it rained here on 22 days out of 31. June has been a bit better, raining on just 13 days out of 22 so far. Of course, most of the non-raining days were overcast, and June has been quite a bit cooler than average. Until today, when the heat wave starts.

In other words, the weather has been anything but normal, and in this area people are pretty much universally whining about it. People complain about the too-much rain and no sun on gardens, on their inability to mow lawns, sit outside or grill dinner. Everyone has a complaint. I won’t add mine today. Let’s just say I could on for a while and leave it at that. For the moment, I’m just glad the sun is out. I’ll be whining about the heat by tomorrow, I expect.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

They sure have a cranky disposition!

Wanda said...

Many of my blogging friends are whining as you say...good naturedly of course...but the weather does seem to be annoying everyone across the country...rain and more rain for some and then the next state over...they're pleading for rain...we just went through a rainy humid spell with cloudy days in between...sunny today!