Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Experiment #2

Sunset photos have been difficult to come by lately. Overcast skies, rain or simply heavy cloud cover has foiled several attempts to get one. This photo was taken April 10, 20 days after my previous entry in this year’s experiment #2. My plan for experiment #2 was simply to document how the location of the sunset changes over time. My first photo was taken a month or so after winter solstice, which is the day the sun sets at its most southern spot. The summer solstice will be where it sets at its most northerly spot.

In all the years I’ve lived here at the cabin, I’ve been vaguely aware that the sun sets in different spots, but frankly I never paid too much attention to it. I knew it set far to the south in the winter and much further to the north in the summer but that was about it. So this year I just wanted to pay attention to how the sun’s setting position changes over a few months time.

So far, I’ve been surprised at how much the sun set changes over a short period of time. The second photo today is the first photo I took back in February. Then, the sun set has now moved the whole way across the distant mountain and is starting to edge up along the nearer one. The nearer mountain wasn't even visible in my first post.
The final photo today is the one I took back on the vernal equinox in March, 20 days earlier than today's photo. It's quite a difference!

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