Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sensing the Storm

I think today will be the day that a storm comes through. Weathermen have been promising it all week (and it hasn't gotten here yet). But to me, today feels like the day.
The sunrise was red, briefly, this morning. The color lasted but a few minutes, not long enough for me to rush back to the cabin for the camera. Dog was antsy and misbehaved, acting as though he'd never smelled a deer or seen other people before.
The air is thick, and I think I should have gills instead of lungs, as I feel as though I have to work twice as hard to suck the oxygen out of the water-logged air.
In fact, many of the forest animals seem more active this morning than is typical. I see rabbits, several deer, assorted gray squirrels and everything from mockingbirds to mourning doves plying the air around me. For all the world, it reminds me of people rushing to get their errands done before a big event. Only in this case, it's not a wedding or a vacation that's on the horizon, but a storm. I believe the forest more than I the weathermen. Today is the day.


LauraO said...

Great post. We're still getting some rain here in NJ, so hopefully you'll get your storms too.

pablo said...


Cathy said...

I'll rather deal those signs than get those wretched headaches I sometimes get.

ChicagoLady said...

We had a horrendous storm last night (Wed) in Chicago, so you should have gotten it tonight (Thurs). I was talking to someone in northcentral PA, and she said a storm was coming her way.

Carolyn H said...

Pablo and Laura: yes, I got a storm, though not a really big one.

Cathy: I sometimes get those headaches too. That's one sign I can do without!

chicagolady: storms to the south, storms to the north, kind of wimpy storm overhead.