Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weirdness on Roundtop

The snow making crew on Roundtop made snow all night on Thursday, all day on Friday and into Saturday before it warmed up too much to make more. As a result, the crews got a good bit of snow on Minuteman and the bunny slopes. As is usual the local TV stations came up to take pictures, etc. One of the stations reported "the earliest they will be open is Monday." But apparently, what people heard was "open" and "Monday" so at work today in Guest Services I was inundated with people wanting to know what time we'd be open on Monday.

When I explained to one caller that we weren't going to be open on Monday, he immediately wanted to know what other ski resorts in the area would be open (like, if we can't open what made him think any others would be open?). One of the security guys saw someone crossing the parking lot with his skiis on his shoulder, and the would-be skier called over "What's open?" The security guy called back, "For what?" I had a call from one of the TV stations, and the guy says "How many people are on the slopes up there today?"

This time of year, if I had a dime every time someone asked me "When are you going to open?" I wouldn't have to work the rest of the year. I mean, if I could predict that I'd predict something really interesting--like the lottery numbers.

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